Upholster A Tufted Chaise Lounge Design

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Luxury Tufted Chaise Lounge

Tufted chaise lounge – Padding a chaise lounge requires only a few household tools and basic sewing skills. Take detailed pictures of the chaise lounge with the digital camera. Remove the fabric from the underside of your chaise lounge and working your way up the back of the chair. Remove tufting buttons by looking into the back of the chaise lounge and cut the old twine keep tufting buttons in place on the front of your chaise lounge.

Continue to remove the residue of the substance from the chaise lounge. Label each piece of the old upholstery fabric, using marking pencil or pen. Use the seam ripper to separate any sewn pieces of padding. Cut new upholstery by putting the old fabric pieces on the new structure. Mark where the tufted chaise lounge buttons or tufting details should be placed, sewing a few stitches in a contrast color of thread to mark each button location.

Start to sew the new material together, emulating the original sewing lines. Staple the new upholstery the chaise lounge frame. Secure tufting buttons and tuft the chaise lounge by cutting into thin yarn in 18-inch lengths. Attach the fabric on the back of the chair. Upholster the footplate in the same way. Connect all hardware the tufted chaise lounge.

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