Useful And Original Wood Brackets For Shelves

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Classic Wood Storage Cabinets With Doors And Shelves

Wood brackets for shelves – You have surely noticed at least once in your life the wooden crates that fruit vendors use. The same tapes that are often find pil up outside supermarkets or some shops. Because once the function is done the fruit crates are often thrown in the garbage. But the truth is that with the fruit boxes. The very ones you see in the markets, you can make many useful and original things by recycling them in a creative way.

From a fruit box you can get furniture for the beach house, your garden or terrace, but also for the apartment in the city, why not. Spending little you can furnish your spaces with taste. With wooden boxes you can create tables and planters, bookcases, shelves or comfortable shoe racks. Make the most of your imagination: equip yourself with brushes and paints to decorate your cassettes.

We recommend using a white paint first so that the overlapping colors are more vivid afterwards. If you need to use your recycled cassettes indoors it is best to use acrylic paints or water-based paints. If the cassette is left outside, make sure you use water-resistant paints. Finally, to make more complex pieces of furniture it will be necessary to assemble more boxes in vertical or horizontal position. But always following the exact dimensions of the piece of furniture you want to make.

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