Welded Wire Fence Panels: What Is It?

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Green Welded Wire Fence

Welded wire fence panels – In the revitalization of suddenly great attention to building quality and reliable fence. His task should be not only the safety of homeowners but also aesthetics, the ability to coincide with the surrounding landscape. A popular solution to this problem is the use of inexpensive and durable mesh. And how to install it on the website, we will tell in our article. This material is a fabric that consists of wire type coils. They are closely woven together. Thanks to this technology, fragments can easily be spliced.

Low carbon steel can be used to make this material. Then the masks in the fence are made of plastic. But if you use stainless steel, netting is difficult. When choosing, you should also consider the size of the cells. Because the less it is that set-off will be safer than a small animal barrier. But it will be harder and more expensive. It is therefore recommended to stop selection on the cell 50 × 50 mm.

Painting of non-galvanized steel black wire. It may not be the best solution since the fence. Because its quality is very low – it starts to rust. Therefore, longevity is limited and requires constant painting. Galvanized wire mesh fences are a better quality material that will last much longer. It is waterproof so no regular staining is required. But the costs will be much higher.

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