Wood Paneling Ideas Ideal For Any Type Of Environment

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Wood Wall Panels

Wood paneling ideas – Before you begin, it is helpful to clarify the concept of woodwork. It is a French technique that relies on the idea of ​​framing the walls through raised wooden panels. This home decoration technique culminated in the 17th and 18th centuries. Woodwork, besides wood, is currently reproduced in plaster, cement and even polystyrene. In fact, the designers began to use false woodwork that resulted in the use of other materials. These alternatives are usually cheaper.

We now show you a really elegant and modern project. In this environment, the woodwork enriches the white surface, giving it a pleasant feeling in three dimensions. Here you have a classic style space where the use of woodwork makes sense. Notice how the small decorative stripes are raised above the bottom, appearing as cornices that enhance the surfaces.

Despite the fact that the classic style dominates this decoration, it should be emphasized the existence of modern elements such as hanging minimalist furniture. So what do you say about this contrast? Having a classic strip of woodwork can become a real wall covering. This version, reminiscent of mountain chalets, appears as a modern alternative thanks to the gray color, ideal for any type of environment. Indeed it is a shade that suits both modern styles, classic, minimalist …

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