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Ideas Wood Modern Platform Bed Plan

You can spend thousands more on wood platform bed king, or you can build your own use of inexpensive lumber and a weekend. Although there are many varieties of bed frame, a simple platform box offers clean lines and a modern look. From this basic framework, you can add extras such as a bookcase headboard, or even the posts to hold a canopy. Cut the wooden beams into six equal lengths to the height you want for your bed frame. An 18-inch foot is a good height for most people, but you can cut more or less time to suit your tastes.

Cut sheets of 80-inch and 76-inch plywood so the width matches the length of the cuts of the wooden beam. For example, its 80-inch sheets would measure 1/2 inch by 80 inches by 12 inches, if you cut the 12-inch long beams. Sand one side of each of the two sheets of 80-inch plywood, two sheets of 76-inch plywood and the two sheets 80-by-38. You can sand the rest if you like, but they will not be visible once the bed is finished.

Place a cutting beam on each end of the 76-inch plywood sheets, so that the ends and the outer edge align with the edges of the sheet. Screw in place with two wood screws at each end, driven through the plywood and into the beam. For the sanding sheets, embed the beams on the side without sand.

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