Wood Shelves For Walls For The Bathroom

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Ikea Glass Shelving Unit

Wood shelves for walls – Wooden shelves in the bathroom cannot be called a central decorative element. But they make the interior complete and carry a great functional load. When designing a bathroom, it is important to pay attention to two aspects, namely: the placement of wooden furniture; material from there will be made as the furniture itself and accessories.

For the sake of total space saving, the wall mounted wooden shelves for the bathroom are often built. It is comfortable, beautiful and practical solution. Why? Of course, because all shampoos, gels, scrubs and other care and hygiene agents are always at hand. And there is no need for them to stretch, or to build a bottle of battery on the edge of the bathtub. The only drawback is that the wood should be treated with moisture resistant compounds.

Also painted in several layers and even completely laminated with a film that prevents water penetration. Important: All fasteners must be anti-corrosive and the niche itself does not “absorb” moisture. Therefore, the logical conclusion is that the wooden shelves for the bathroom, located in the wall above the bathroom itself, should be made by experienced gentlemen, not amateurs.

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