Wood Slats For Bed Required

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Support Wood Slats For Bed

Wood slats for bed come ready with elastic that serves as a foundation for the mattress. An alternative to a mattress and box spring combination is a mattress and slat bed base. The ribbed bottom in many cases can serve as a replacement for a box spring. Some higher upright bed frames but may require the use of slats instead of a box spring. Several factors can help you determine between a box spring and slats.

Slats Defined

Buyers can choose between an elastic foundation and a foundation using a ribbed base. Wood slats for bed are pieces of wood or metal that goes across the bed to support the weight of the mattress. The number of slats running across the width of the bed depends on the size of the mattress. Slats are separated somewhere from half to several inches apart from another one depending on the manufacturer. Slats spaced closer together add more firmness to the mattress.

Box spring or planks

Box springs are an extra foundation under the mattress that can range from six to 12 inches high. A box spring raises the height of the mattress installed within the outer edges of the bed frame. Wood slats for bed, on the other hand, are low profile and run over the base of the bed frame. Slats usually cost less than a box spring foundation.

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